When young, Appalachian born, Tom Adams finds an American masterpiece between the walls of an old farmhouse, he takes it to the nation’s foremost public art gallery, the Creighton Gallery of American Impressionism, for an appraisal. What he finds is the murdered corpse of the country’s most adored philanthropist and gallery founder, Robert Creighton. Tom is immediately taken in for questioning and charged with the murder. If that wasn’t enough, the potentially priceless work of art has gone missing!

Meanwhile, Maunders, a disfigured and lonely outsider living in a one room flat in the Lower East Side of Manhattan, finds himself fencing stolen art for the New York underworld to the wealthiest, most powerful leaders of the world. These works also find their way into the collections of the most unscrupulous senior members of the U.S. administration.


“The Blood of Art” is an intertwining thriller, weaving together the world of fine art, government corruption, and N.Y. organized crime—painting a picture of… murder!


5 STAR Review


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